How Do I Register in the XML Dealership System?

You can fill out the form below and create your application together with the pay slip.



How Will XML be Delivered?

If you have created your request during working hours, your xml link will be prepared and sent to you by e-mail before the end of working hours.

If you have created a request after working hours, your xml link will be prepared and sent to you by mail with the start of working hours the next day.



What is an XML Dealership?

You can sell 5000 kinds of products. You can earn money by publishing clothes, shoes, bags, hijab, children's clothing, plus size, bikini, underwear, outdoor, cosmetics, health, jewelry, watches, glasses, accessory products on your website or marketplace page.


Stock quantities, product variations, product names, product prices, product images, product descriptions, product features, seo, seo descriptions will be displayed on your site as seen on our site with XML Link. You can start selling immediately by providing XML integration without having to make any changes



  • ● You will sell the products by sharing them on platforms such as your website, marketplace sites, comparison sites

  • ● You will earn 25% commission for every product you sell

  • The commission you earn will be transferred to your account regularly every

  • Your orders are sent with an invoice issued on behalf of your customer

  • Orders that you will create until 17:00 will be shipped on the same day. the orders you create after 17:00 will be shipped the next day

  • ● Pay cash at the door, pay by credit card at the door, pay by EFT options are available

  • ● Your customers can make returns and exchanges

  • ● The shipping fee for all products is 25 TL

  • ● You will send your orders from the dealer account you created during the application

  • ● After the new products are uploaded to our site, they will be uploaded to your site automatically with xml

  • ● While selling our products, you can sell the products of other companies on your site

  • ● You can get answers to all the questions you want to know quickly between Dec 09:00 and 21:00 via WHATSAPP QUESTION GROUP

  • By participating in our training program called ONLINE SALES TRAINING, we teach from beginner level to expert level. Our trainings are conducted in the form of video and live broadcasts



What are the Advantages of Yokyok XML Dealership?   

You can earn income from your website by simply placing your order through our website, without the need to supply, stock, invoice, shipping and tracking the products.


Our XML link is professionally edited. Stock quantities, product variations, product names, product prices, product images, product descriptions, SEO, SEO descriptions, google reshares google post Google website, Google caffeine, Google Adwords, Google sandox Google bomb Google Trends, Google AdSense, Google Insights, website backlinks, white hat SEO, website optimization, hits, alexa integration is complete information on your website in a detailed manner as arranged


What are the Supported Marketplace Integrations?

Amazon, Ebay, Etsy,N11,Hepsiburada, Trendyol, Çiçeksepeti, Eptt, Akakçe, Cimri, Cheap, Barilliance, Billio, E-Price, Adwords Product Feed, Facebook Feed, Yandex, Digi Touch, ImageSiteMap



How Much Is the XML Dealership Fee?

Yearly: 3000 $

3 Yearly: 8000 $



No Refund Will Be Paid After the XML Link Is Sent!

When the XML Link is sent, we share our detailed product information, company links and commercial partners with you. For this reason, there is no refund after sending the xml link to you.



Yokyok XML Contract

Our dealers who have purchased Yokyok XML Links will be deemed to have approved the contract. You can review the contract from the link below.

(According to the legal regulations, you must take the printout of the contract and ship it to us with a wet signature)






XML Dealership For Detailed Information: 0 (531) 627 73 60 (Whatsapp)



We Would Be Glad to See You Among Us As an XML Reseller Dec



None of the XML It Is Sold By The Site. You Cannot Buy Through Brokerage Firms



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